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frequently asked questions

Yes. We not only offer our customers worldwide procurement of the required vehicles with the desired equipment features, but can also offer all vehicles for rent thanks to an intelligent fleet utilization concept.

Our customers therefore benefit from low rental prices with top service.

Yes, if you wish, we not only take care of the transport of the vehicles, but also take care of customs guidelines and import regulations.

Of course, our team of experts will also procure all two-wheelers, trikes and motorcycles for your event, comparative test or training.

Due to our many years of activity in the automotive sector, we have a wealth of experience and many good ideas on how to make your event an unforgettable experience.

Good planning also includes our Pro-Care service, which you can use e.g. B. also provides a mechanic and spare parts, so that a small problem does not immediately ruin the entire event.

Talk to us, we will be happy to advise you and work with you to develop a concept that suits you.

You always get the all-round carefree package from us. For more information, see Consulting, Event & Movie.

You can optionally order battery maintenance devices, interior lighting, debagging and tinting of the windows from us for the vehicles.

We are able to meet every specification available on the market, and we have proven many times that we can do this.

For so-called sound tests, we search and find the requested sound system in combination with the desired vehicle equipment.

Under Advice, Event & Film you will find a lot of information on this topic.

The global logistics of Arndt Automotive is very extensive. Here you will find more information about our offer for global logistics.

Due to our large vehicle fleet, we also get very good conditions in the area of ​​spare parts.

Please have a look at our Research & Development around.

Of course you can ask us for any competition vehicle with all possible specifications. For more information, see Product/Salesperson Training

Thanks to our cooperation with the trailer manufacturer Woodford, we have a large fleet of trailers. These are closed, can be locked and are constantly guarded even when they are at a standstill.

For more information, see Logistics.

The cooperation with arndtautomotive was absolutely professional and incredibly quick. We already look forward to further projects with you!

We were particularly enthusiastic about the comprehensive consultation and speedy processing of our order.

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