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"Everyone said it can't be done. Then came someone who didn't know that and made it happen."

Every good idea needs a name. Matthias Arndt, born in 1963, company founder and managing director, has consistently pursued the development of his business idea of being a "specialist supplier of vehicles for the car industry and customers in the field of advertising, events and promotions".

Back in the 80s he began under the name "Arndt Car Rental" in Neuss, renting and selling vehicles to car manufacturers and automotive suppliers for the purpose of testing, research and making comparisons. You can trust Matthias Arndt with his 30 years of experience and his personal preparedness to provide top quality service in this particular sector.

DThe former ARNDT AG became market leader in this segment thanks to the continuous and professional development and expansion of the Research & Development division.

His clever business idea led to the establishment a new company, "Arndt Automotive" on 01 January 2004. Increasing specialisation and the continuing requirement for vehicles to be used in testing, research and comparison led to the company expanding even more. The ever-growing transport fleet allowed the logistics to be expanded. With their longstanding partner Comco Leasing at their side, financially intensive major projects can be turned around in a short period of time.

Today's corporate headquarters is located in Neuss, Ruwerstr. 7a directly on the motorway crossroads of the A57 and A46. The grand opening in November 2011 was attended by over 300 customers, well-known representatives from the city of Neuss and not least all the employees and their families.

The new site now allows the company to carry on expanding their logistics expertise for our customers at home and abroad.

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